ATTENTION: The 2018 mentor recruitment process is now closed. We will notify our #EYCTribe when the 2019 Confidently Me mentoring program kicks off.

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Future Mentor,

Welcome to the Confidently Me Mentoring Program at Embrace Your Crown, Inc!

Embrace Your Crown is a confidence enhancing organization looking to inspire and assist in the self- love journey of young ladies between the ages of 15- 18. We are looking to bring success to each and every young girls’ life by assisting them with conflict resolution, self- confidence, and many more skills that will carry them into adulthood confidently. With an open heart and mind this can be achieved through our mentors that can potentially create long lasting relationships.

We will have a Confidently Me kickoff event on June 2nd, 2018 where the mentor and mentee will be strategically placed into their partnership through commonalities and location. The purpose of this event is to encourage relationships between women and young girls, foster long term mentorship relationships, and give mentees the opportunity to be inspired by women they can relate to. This day will be filled with bonding activities, an open floor for transparency in our life experiences, and much more.

The mentee/mentor relationship is a one year commitment that will allow you as the mentor to self-reflect on how far you have come and to uplift and inspire you in your own journey. This will also be a transparent opportunity for mentors to bond amongst each other and create sustainable relationships within the Embrace Your Crown community.

Guidelines for Mentors:

  • Offer advice and suggestions that will lead to your mentee's success.

  • Take initiative in the relationship and offer an open line of communication.

  • Listen intently and attentively to your mentee to provide the best advice.

  • Respect privacy and time commitments of mentee.

  • Be completely open and transparent and maintain the strictest confidence.

  • Monitor mentee’s progress.

  • Establishing clear boundaries and set high standards for the success of the partnership.

  • Serve as a resource for your mentee.

If interested, please complete and submit the mentor application here. Once submitted, a member of the Embrace Your Crown team will contact you with further steps in the mentor recruitment and screening process.

Thank you for your enthusiasm in joining the Embrace Your Crown community. We not only want our mentees to have an enjoyable experience but we want our mentors as well. This is an opportunity to truly tune into your own life progression and to honor and value the process of who you were, who you are, and who you’re working to become.